Early breakfast at Nimb

Breakfast at Nimb Brasserie in Copenhagen

George arrived today at CPH airport early in the morning, and I wanted to be there to greet him. He had been in the United States to play four concerts in Georgia with his classical guitar trio, and he was very tired after the long flight. His plane arrived at 7 AM so we planned to eat breakfast to start the day in a cosy way.

Early breakfast in Copenhagen

I didn’t think there were many cafés to find online which offered breakfast so early in the day. Most places did not open until 10 AM, but I saw an ad yesterday on Google for Nimb Brasserie (good AdWords marketing on their part ?). It seemed to be one of the few good breakfast places which opened its doors at 7 AM, so we thought we’d give it a try.

Worth every penny

Their breakfast buffet costs 255 Danish krones (apx. $40) per person, which is slightly above the price we would normally pay to eat breakfast. However, there were drinks included in the price and the menu looked delicious with quality ingredients, so it did not take long to decide. We agreed that we deserved a little self-indulgence.

Breakfast buffet at the stylish Nimb hotel in Copenhagen

Nimb also has breakfast a la carte at a fair price, where you only pay for the dishes you want, if you’d prefer that. Personally, we could not resist the buffet as soon as we saw it, but we were not disappointed either.

Nimb Brasserie in Tivoli

Nimb hotel and brasserie in Tivoli

Nimb is one of Copenhagen’s luxury hotels with five stars, which only a handful of others in the capital has. The beautiful white building inside Tivoli houses, among other things, the Nimb Brasserie. Inside you will find tasteful decor with an exclusive look. Beautiful armchairs, sofas, chandeliers, and large vases of flowers adorn the beautiful dining room.

When we arrived, the polite waiters welcomed us and showed us to a table. We were the first and only for the breakfast and it was nice to have it for ourselves.

Breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread

The breakfast buffet at Nimb offered freshly baked bread from its own bakery

After having chosen the breakfast buffet, our waiter asked if we wanted coffee or tea. I asked if I could choose any type of coffee. When he answered yes, I immediately ordered a cafe latte. Most buffets I have tried usually only offer filter coffee which is included in the price, so I was pleasantly surprised.

George ordered black coffee and got a full pot served with milk on the side. The day was already going well and my latte was absolutely superb.

The coffee was on the table and it was time to hit the buffet. There was a wealth of baked goods, both bread, buns, and pastries – all organic and baked in Nimb’s own bakery. On top of that, the buffet offered chia porridge, yogurt, skyr, several kinds of topping, granola, milk, fresh fruit and berries, soft boiled eggs, bacon, cheese, deli meats, avocado, watermelon, mozzarella, and homemade marmalades and nutella. In addition, there were several kinds of freshly squeezed juices and even champagne.

Served in Danish design

Everything was served in beautiful Danish design such as Georg Jensen jugs and bowls, and plates and cups from Royal Copenhagen. The food, serving, and decor was a delight to the eye, which contributed to an overall positive experience.

Despite the lack of sleep and jetlag, George was very excited, as I was. We both consumed a pot of coffee and tea, juice, water, and a lot of food. We walked away with great satisfaction and were very full. The experience was worth every penny, and we should definitely have breakfast at Nimb again.

Breakfast in Copenhagen from 7 AM

Outdoor seating overlooking Tivoli gardens

Early breakfast with yoghurt and granola

(Nimb has in no way sponsored this post. This is our personal experience and opinion).


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