Greek wedding traditions

Greek church - Greek wedding

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  1. I’m working as a guide in Greece and this is the best article I find about Greek weddings. Full of details and symbolism. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi, I am from a Greek family but my cousin is not getting married in the Greek church. She has asked me to do a religious reading and I would like to incorporate some Greek in this. I know these things are not traditional in Greek weddings but if you had any knowledge of religious readings or verses it would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Kelly. Congrats on your cousin getting married! Unfortunately, we don’t really know any readings or verses, but there are three prayers which the priest reads to the couple while they are holding hands (during the 2nd part of the wedding: the crowning ceremony). Maybe you can find them in Greek and use the prayers for your cousin. Good luck 🙂


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