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Video: The beauty of Kalymnos

This video shows the beauty of Kalymnos; The crystal clear water, fantastic beaches and scenery, great food, the cute cats and all the love.

Travel guide to Los Angeles

The Hollywood sign Although we associate Los Angeles with beautiful beaches and palm trees, for many people L.A. equals...

Early breakfast at Nimb

George arrived today at CPH airport early in the morning, and I wanted to be there to greet him. He had been in the...

The beautiful beaches of Kalymnos

Hi there! This post has been moved to, our new travel blog about Kalymnos. CONTINUE...

Quirky things about the USA and the Americans

I have been fortunate enough to have the chance to closely experience the United States, as I have traveled back and forth, and lived...

Greek wedding traditions

There are so many traditions when it comes to Greek weddings. So read along if you are curious about what a Greek wedding in the orthodox faith is.

An American moves to Denmark

Moving overseas. It’s an experience that may be hard to explain. It’s one of those things that can make one say, “you’d only know...

Long distance relationship – how we made it work

George is the reason why I have been in the US so much lately. This was due to our long distance relationship since February...

Hi there! we are Christina and George, the authors behind the blog Love & Travel.

George is from the USA, but both of his parents are Greek, and Christina is half Danish and half Greek.

From 2016 and 1½ years on, we were in a long distance relationship, where we travelled back and forth between Denmark and America. In June 2017, George moved to Denmark and one year later, we got married in Greece.

Our lives have been one big travel and love fairy tale since we got together, and our blog will show that. Here, you'll find travel tips, recipes and good stories from our multi-cultural lives.

We are happy you're here, and we hope to inspire you.