Places to eat in Barcelona

Places to eat in Barcelona

Taqueria Canta Y No Llores – tacos at the newly opened restaurant.

Taqueria Canta Y No Llores was a brand new taco restaurant that just opened a month ago. The place was on the way back to the hotel, so we checked out their menu as our way home crossed the path of the restaurant. Everything was in Spanish and we only understood the fact that it was a Mexican restaurant which sold a variety of tacos.

Judging by the inviting and modern facade, we wanted to go inside. We were greeted by a very kind waiter who took the time to review the menu and explain each of the dishes in English. It sounded delicious, so we found a spot by the window, and shortly thereafter we ordered.

We chose to share the food so we could taste a little bit of everything. We chose a taco with chicken, cheese and tomatoes, and another two with pork. Last but not least, we chose another, which we ended up ordering more of afterwards: it was their “El Pirata”, which was a flour tortilla filled with tender pork marinated in a delicious sauce, then slowly grilled and cut into thin slices. We can highly recommend that taco!

Mexican wrestling masks at the taco restaurantThe restaurant was modern with an interesting theme in their overall decor. There were wrestling masks and wrestler figures on the walls and shelves. A wrestling mask is used at times by professional wrestlers as part of their role in the ring.

Wrestling masks have been used all the way back to 1915 and are still used today, especially in Lucha Libre, Mexico. The masks are of great importance to Mexicans, and the theme was therefore spot on in a newly opened Mexican themed restaurant.

Definitely recommendable – both the food, the service and the atmosphere!

Link to Taqueria Canta Y No Llores’ website

Citizen Café – a heavenly brunch

Pancakes for brunch at the Citizen Café in Barcelona

The place looked busy, and a queue was already starting to form outside the cafe. We waited as number two in line, but after only a few minutes, there was room for us.

The cafe had a hip atmosphere, and it smelled invitingly of coffee and sweets. The lighting was dim and cozy, and despite the crowd, the acoustics were great (so you could have a normal conversation). It was all ages and nationalities.

George and I got a seat in the back at a big joint table where other guests were sitting with us. Our waiter helped us with the suitcases, which he put in a private room.

I ordered an acai bowl decorated with bananas, fresh berries, dried coconut and homemade granola. Both taste and appearance was top notch. It was really delicious, with a sweet and fresh taste.

For sharing, we got scrambled eggs with salmon and fresh spinach, toasted bread, baked potatoes and fried mushrooms with avocado on the side. It all tasted amazing.

“It was seriously the best pancakes we had ever tasted”

To round off, we ordered their famous sweet pancakes topped with sour cream, fresh berries, pieces of banana and pancake syrup on the side. It was seriously the best pancakes we had ever tasted. The meal was a delight to the eye and the palate.

In addition to the fantastic food, Citizen Café also offered irresistible coffee. We each got a caffe latte with a thick layer of milk foam – ready to eat. The coffee had a delicious, mild taste, and it was better than most lattes we have had at other cafes.

The only negative thing about the place was the heat. As we sat in the back of the room, so it was quite hot, but it was because of the seats we had been allocated. Otherwise, I had nothing to put a finger on, because the place was worth it!

Link to Citizen Café’s Facebook page

La Fonda del Port Olimpic – tuna steaks and white wine

Tuna salad and tuna steak at La Fonda del Port Olimpic in Barcelona

The guy at the entrance to the restaurant was eager to invite us in. We were already interested, as we had looked them up on Google before our arrival, and because we liked what we saw, we went in.

We were placed inside at a really nice and private corner. The restaurant was very busy – people were running in and out of the place all the time. We could see that there were many local people eating there, so we thought that the food had to be good! Many locals often give the impression that the food is good and authentic.

The waiter was a bit rude at first. No hello or introduction (later we found out that it is generally the style of Barcelona). He brought us some delicious bread with two juicy, ripe tomatoes on the side. The bread and tomatoes were a good combination with olive oil and salt, which was already on the table.

I ordered a tuna salad, and George got a tuna steak with pimento peppers and garlic.
The salad was fresh and huge. It consisted of tuna, corn, carrots, black olives, tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs with a little balsamic dressing on top. It tasted really good.

Tuna steaks at the restaurant in BarcelonaThe tuna steaks were delicious, and the portion was plentiful. Two fillets cooked to perfection and smothered in cooked garlic and slices of pimento peppers. There was also a small portion of ratatouille on the side, and a hot baked potato. A glass of the house white wine complemented the dish well.

We ate the tuna dishes quickly with a smile on our faces, because we were very hungry and the food tasted incredibly delicious. Towards the end of our experience, our waiter started to light up. He gave us a smile and called George “amigo”.

He placed a plate of small pieces of homemade cake on the table, which was a dessert on the house. It was a kind of almond cake with orange flavor, and George and I agreed that it was phenomenal.

The bill came and despite having ordered both tuna and wine, the amount was well below the prices in Copenhagen. All in all, it was a great experience!

Link to La Fonda Del Port Olimpic’s website

Ziryab Fusion Tapas Bar – tapas with a twist

Dips and pita bread at the tapas bar Ziryab Fusion Tapas Bar in Barcelona

Most people probably link Spanish food with tapas, and therefore it was no exception for us to try the Spanish, small dishes.

We used Google and TripAdvisor a lot to find good restaurants, but for some reason we could not quite find the “perfect” tapas restaurant. Instead, we found a modern version of tapas with a twist of Turkish cuisine. The restaurant was called Ziryab Fusion Tapas Bar and was close to our hotel.

One of their popular and classic dishes was their selection of dips. You could choose one, three, or six different dips, which were served with small Mediterranean pita breads, and pieces of cucumber and carrot to dip in.

We chose three dips – a humus made of chickpeas with black olives and black truffle olive oil, sweet potato with ginger and parmesan, and a strong dip of red pepper with walnuts. We both thought the appetizer tasted good, although some of the taste impressions were slightly different from what we are used to.

After the starter, we had marinated chicken on spears and bacon-wrapped dates (my very big tapas favorite). For dinner we had the house red wine, which was really nice.

All in all, the food was delicious, but the taste could seem a bit odd, as they used spices which I’m not used to. The place was super nice and the service was impeccable, so it’s definitely a tapas bar we would recommend if you are nearby.

Link to Ziryab’s website

Black Remedy – a superb lunch

Black Remedy café in Barcelona

Not far from our hotel, there was a coffee shop/cafe with the hip name Black Remedy. It was quite spontaneous that we chose to come by and have lunch one of the days, but it was certainly a good decision.

First of all, the place was buzzing with life, and we only managed to get a seat as a group of friends left their table for us.

The cafe was hip with a modern decor, and an equally cool waiter behind the counter. There was a wealth of delicious cakes on display next to the checkout, and the menu featured slow-cooked meat in a sandwich or burger, freshly squeezed juice, coffee, cake and sumptuous salads.

I quickly decided to try their Sweet Mango salad consisting of mango, rucola, avocado, nuts, balsamic and parmesan, but unfortunately the kitchen had no more mangoes left, and I had to choose something else. (If anyone gets past Black Remedy in Barcelona, then promise to taste the mango salad for me!).

Sandwich with pulled pork at Black Remedy in BarcelonaThe choice fell upon one of their Slowly Smoked Sandwiches with the cute name “Pampered Chick”. It was a sandwich with slow-cooked chicken, barbeque sauce and chopped white cabbage. It was insanely good! George chose a pulled pork sandwich, but I could tell he liked mine the best. 😉

As a little starter, I ordered a fresh cold-pressed juice called Detox Green which contained avocado, celery, pineapple, apple and pear. It was nothing but fantastic!

After our satisfying meal, we were in the mood for something sweet, so we chose to share a piece of cake. We ordered a piece of lemon tart and a caffe latte for each of us. It was a hard struggle towards the end, as we were were getting pretty full, but every bite of cake and sip of coffee had to go down, because it tasted too good to let anything go to waste.

Very full, we said goodbye to the cafe, and moved on on our way around Barcelona’s streets. Black Remedy had been an exquisite pleasure, and it was one of our best dining experiences on our vacation.

Link to Black Remedy’s website

7 Portes – a horrible birthday dinner

Unfortunately, not all food was equally delicious in Barcelona, and so I have to share this experience with you – even if it’s negative.

To frighten and warn …

On George’s 30th birthday, the birthday boy wanted to eat Spanish paella, and we had been recommended Restaurant 7 Portes. After reading a lot of great reviews on TripAdvisor, as well as Google Business, we decided to book a table for the evening. In the comments on the website, we wrote that it was George’s birthday.

We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by a waiter at the door, who showed us in. We then went to the counter, and the host found our reservation and showed us to the table. The decor itself was cozy and romantic, and we had high expectations.

A waiter came to our table, and without any kind of greeting or smile, he simply asked if we were ready to order. George ordered a seafood and meat paella, while I ordered ratatouille, as I did not like seafood.

After some time, our food came, and the waiter took our plates and began serving the paella equally to both of us – again without a word nor a smile. I didn’t even have the time to tell him that I wasn’t interested in the food before he had served it already, and he even placed the biggest of the prawns on top of my plate!

My ratatouille also came, and there was definitely no saving on the oil. The vegetables were basically swimming in oil, and the dish was not very hot; just lukewarm. I was far from excited!

George took his first bite of the paella and grimaced. It was incredibly salty, and there was a piercing taste of old fish. It tasted as if the dish had simmered for too long, and he could not taste the difference whether it was chicken he was chewing, or if it was fish. Neither George nor I could finish the food, and we felt pretty bad about leaving so much of it on the plate.

I got a hold of a waiter and asked about my dish. Why was there so much oil? He simply announced that the dish was meant to be like that, but when I told him that I could not eat it, he happily chose to remove the amount from the total bill.

Whipped creamAt one point we noticed that the pianist in the restaurant had started playing “happy birthday”, and we found out that it was for George. Our waiter came in with a plate of whipped cream with a candle on top. In addition, he gave us two spoons so we could eat the “cake”.

We dug into the whipped cream to find out which cake or ice cream that was hidden underneath, but to our great disappointment and surprise, we realized that it was nothing but plain whipped cream. We thought that it seemed to be a very weird dessert to offer the birthday boy, especially since he was turning 30: a plate of whipped cream from the can!

Let’s just say that we’ll never come again, and it’s certainly not a place we’d advise others to pass by.


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