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Breakfast at Nimb Brasserie in Copenhagen

Early breakfast at Nimb

George arrived today at CPH airport early in the morning, and I wanted to be there to greet him. He had been in the United States to play four concerts in Georgia with his...
Bakaliaro - Greek styled cod in a pot

Bakaliaros – Greek style cod

This recipe is so light and delicious that you won't feel overly full afterwards. Here you get Greek food at it's healthiest. Many Greeks actually eat Bakaliaros (Μπακαλιάρος) on certain fasting days, where they can...
Fasolakia - opskrift på græske grønne bønner

Fasolakia – Greek green beans

Phasolakia (Φασολάκια) means green beans in Greek, and it is also the main ingredient of this recipe. The steamy, hot dish consists of green beans, potatoes and squash, all cooked in a delicious tomato...
Places to eat in Barcelona

Places to eat in Barcelona

Taqueria Canta Y No Llores - tacos at the newly opened restaurant. Taqueria Canta Y No Llores was a brand new taco restaurant that just opened a month ago. The place was on the way...

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