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Travel guide to Los Angeles

Travel guide to Los Angeles

The Hollywood sign Although we associate Los Angeles with beautiful beaches and palm trees, for many people L.A. equals Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard and Beverly Hills. Here, the big city...
Differences between the USA and Denmark

Quirky things about the USA and the Americans

I have been fortunate enough to have the chance to closely experience the United States, as I have traveled back and forth, and lived with George in America throughout a year and a half....
My trip to the US, Denver and Las Vegas

My trip to the US and the big reunion

I remember the first time I visited the US back in February 2016. I had just finished my bachelor's degree the month before and I wanted to go travelling afterwards. The choice became USA The reason...
Maroon Bells, Colorado

Top 3: Denver and Colorado

The weather in Denmark is often cloudy, windy and rainy. I’m certainly not the only one in this country who is frustrated with the lack of sunshine. Because I was born and raised in small,...
Long distance relationship - how to make it work

Long distance relationship – how we made it work

George is the reason why I have been in the US so much lately. This was due to our long distance relationship since February 2016. George was born and raised in Maryland, but he...

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