The beautiful beaches of Kalymnos


Masouri Beach (Μασούρι)

Masouri Beach is one of the best on the island, and it’s probably the most popular one as well. Here you will find a lot of bars, cafés, and restaurants along the beach, and the biggest hotels are located in the Masouri area as well.

It’s a sandy beach with lots of sun-beds, which you can rent while spending your time there. The prices are around seven Euro for two, which includes an umbrella. There are waiters coming by every now and again to offer you a beverage or snack, and they will serve the goods right to you. It’s not so difficult to just relax and get lazy.

Masouri Beach in Kalymnos

From the beach you have the beautiful view of the island of Telendos, which is located right across from Masouri. The water is calm, and waves almost never happen. When entering the water for a swim, there are some rocks and pebbles at first, but as soon as you pass them, there’s nothing but sand and lovely water.

This beach is family oriented and perfect for couples and youngsters.

Vlihadia Beach (Βλυχάδια)

Vlihadia is located in the southern most part of the island, and it takes a little bit of driving to get to (if you’re staying anywhere away from that area). The beach consist of two parts; one is made up of small pebbles, and on the other side of the road you’ll find the sandy part of the beach – right in front of the tasty restaurant Sponge Diver (Σφουγγαράς). The water is stunning – as calm as can be because the surrounding mountain closes the area off, creating a small little bay.

Vlihadia Beach in Kalymnos

The area itself is peaceful, and has also been improved on in the past couple of years. There are numerous restaurants and cafés scattered around, which are perfect if you’re in the mood for an iced coffee, a traditional Greek style seafood taverna, or a cold, decadent ice cream cone.

Vlihadia is perfect for couples, families, and everything in between. Just beware of the sun: it’s quite hot, but if you arrive early, you should be able to secure a spot underneath one of the trees. On the sandy part of the beach, you’ll also find sunbeds free of charge.

Gefyra Beach (Γέφυρα)

Gefyra literally translates to bridge in Greek, and this beach is surprisingly located under, well, a small bridge. It’s a very small beach with small and medium-sized pebbles, and an even smaller restaurant/cafe. I must say, don’t judge this beach by its size, because it packs a big punch.

Gefyra Beach in Kalymnos

The water is crystal clear. Its location is enclosed by two mountains on both sides, so the water is absolutely calm (only thing is that its location is near the main port, and from time to time, waves occur from the passing boats only to last for a few minutes). There are a few sunbeds and some trees that will help cast shade if you’re not into the intense heat Kalymnos can bring in the summer months. The little restaurant is also a gem in our opinion. It’s family operated and they have delicious and humble offerings.

This beach is great for couples, families, and especially kids. When you’re driving to Gefyra you’ll immediately notice the shimmering sea down below, making you want to jump in as soon as possible.

Kantouni Beach (Καντούνι)

Kantouni Beach is a long, sandy beach located on the southwest side of the island. This place is perfect for the ones who love waves, since Kantouni is known for usually having a rough sea. From time to time however, the sea is perfectly calm which makes for an incredible beach experience (perfect for the young ones in that case). There are a few well-known bars and cafés along this beach such as Domus, that serves drinks (full bar), coffee, sandwiches and also turns into a cool bar/club at night.

Kantouni Beach in Kalymnos

Kantouni also features the ever classic Kantouni Beach Hotel, which contains a small menu, bar, swimming pool open to the public, and a lot of sunbeds. There is also Greek Night every Friday night which features live traditional Greek music, and discounted prices on food. It’s a real treat and a must if you’re going for a cozy experience.

The only downside of the beach is in fact, the waves. The waves bring out all of the seaweed and pollution (unfortunately) from the south Aegean, and unfortunately leads to a dirty beach from time to time. This beach is a paradise when this doesn’t occur, and we assure you – it’s not all the time. Swing by Kantouni and see for yourself.

Palionisos beach (Παλιόνησος)

If you’re up for a little drive, this beach has incredible water that will make an everlasting impression on you.

Palionisos used to be a beach that was only accessible by boat until a new road was built just after Skalia, making it easy for anyone to visit this mini paradise. The road zig-zags up the mountain for about 5 minutes and then you can travel down a scenic route all the way to the beach.

The beach is located in the northern part of the island right in between two mountains. The water is some of the clearest and cleanest you will find on Kalymnos. The color of the water is breathtaking and honestly, much different from the other beaches in Kalymnos. The beach is made up of small pebbles and has just a few trees for shade.

Palionisos Beach in Kalymnos

They have recently made this into a more “hip” spot with the addition of rentable sun beds, Greek tavernas, and even a Greek flag which is suitable for a post on anyone’s Instagram profile.

The beach tends to attract a lot of visitors all summer long, especially during the weekends. If you’re on this part of the island, stop on over to Palionisos for an incredible beach experience.

Kambi (the private beach)

Kabi is one of the few real “private” beaches left on Kalymnos. It requires a boat to get to, unless you’re fearless and are into scaling the rough terrain by foot.

The beach is located on the east side of the island, and is mainly accessible by the small port of Rina, in Vathy. This little port is sweet and humble in every way, and you’ll find nice little boats in the harbor. The port also has a handful of small restaurants and cafes, of which you need to come in contact with if you’d like to hitch a ride over to one of the private beaches.

Anyone inside these little cafes and restaurants will give you information on how to access the beaches, and more importantly, who will take you, and when. We highly recommend arriving early at the port and asking around. The one restaurant at the far left of the port as soon as you enter might be your best bet. Ask, and in return, the owner will kindly request that you dine at his restaurant upon returning back.

The arrangement is simple: you pick a time, and the the owner will drop you off and then pick you up once again. The beach is only 10 minutes or less with the boat.

Kapi Beach - private beach in Kalymnos

You thought Palionissos was incredible (it is, but this is better), just wait till you see these waters. Stunning, crystal clear blue water. It almost looks like glass (or as the Greeks say, Γυαλί). The beach is made of up of small pebbles. There are a few trees as well. It’s almost completely untouched. It’s as natural of a beach you’re going to come across on this island.

We almost forgot: this is one of those experiences where you must bring everything on your own. This includes toilet paper, food, water, towels, and umbrella, or anything else you think you will need for a period of anywhere between 3 to 6 hours (or however long you’re going for).

Due to the rising interest of these private beaches, there are daily trips of boats containing a horde of tourists almost every day. These boats dock at the beach, grill a handful of souvlakia, play loud music, and then leave.

This only lasts for about an hour or two, and then they leave. They also normally arrive around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. So if you plan your trip accordingly, you should have this beach all to yourself. Normally, if others see that the beach is occupied, they will simply head to the next, but you never know.

Nonetheless, it’s an absolute must if you’re going for an unforgettable beach experience in Greece.

Here’s a map with an overview of the beaches mentioned above
Beaches in Kalymnos


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